Our Complete Travel Gear Guide!

Many people ask us about our travel gear, so we put together this complete travel gear guide where you can find every item we use when we are on the road.

Obviously, you’ll want the most durable and light-weight gear possible, not forgetting cost-effectiveness. This list may not work for everyone since every people have different taste, needs, and requirements. We carry quite a lot of electronics to maintain this blog on the road, too.

Also, some equipment is made for the ultimate circumstances we sometimes find ourselves in, like trekking to the volcano Nyiragongo or to see the mountain gorillas in Bwindi, Uganda.

The following list is what we have found working best for our adventure travel needs. However, with a little modifying you can find from the list everything you’ll need for practically every travel style.

You can find lower-cost alternatives, too, but this gear is what we currently use, have found durable, and what we love.

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Travel Accessory Gear

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