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We are Piritta and Niina, two Finnish explorers traveling the world full-time. Adventures are our addiction: we have toured more than 60 countries searching for thrilling escapades, and the score keeps growing continuously.

In this blog, we want to inspire you to discover the world from new angles and step outside your comfort zone while exploring new horizons.

Exciting adventures are waiting for you! Go on and book that next trip you have always wanted to!

Adventure is a state of mind.

Adventures don’t necessarily require long-distance travel; unfolding the secrets of your immediate surroundings can be rewarding, too. For us, traveling multiplies the thrill. Indulging in different cultures has taught us incredible things: it has changed our views of life. Traveling gives us the constant joy of discovery. That’s how we’ve lost our souls for wandering.

But what lies behind the name of this blog? We believe a curious mind makes every day phenomenal since it helps us see the nuances behind the obvious.

That’s also what adventures are all about: giving yourself to the unknown to achieve life-changing experiences.

We bring out the distinctive side of destinations. We also want to show that many places that might seem terrifying are safe for travelers – and going there could overturn your outlook. However, using your common sense is always your best travel companion, wherever you are!

We love to take the roads less traveled. Still, when visiting popular destinations, we’ll venture into the side streets, mingle with locals, and tour the less visited sights to discover the most authentic experiences. We are also enchanted by peculiar stories and bizarre sights, like cemeteries, abandoned places, and street art.

We get great pleasure from challenging our fears. That means, for example, jumping from the Victoria Falls Bridge despite the fear of heights, venturing into the virgin jungles of Nicaragua with native Indians, and overnighting upon the world’s biggest lava lake in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

We are not exceptionally brave, but we often leave our comfort zone because that is where the biggest personal development happens!

And if we can excel ourselves, so can you!

Bizarre Globe Hopper hopes to fuel your thirst for new adventures and explore new horizons. Perhaps you can even smell out intriguing destinations you haven’t considered. Take a virtual voyage with us, from faraway mountains and secluded beaches to the quirky side streets of pulsating metropolis. Fasten your seatbelt and start here!

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Exciting travels!

We bring you awe-inspiring adventures from all around the world, along with many practical tips so that you can travel more and get better experiences!

Piritta and Niina at the beach in the Rancho Chilamate Sunset Riding Tour, Nicaragua
Piritta and Niina at the beach in the Rancho Chilamate Sunset Riding Tour, Nicaragua