Temple garden in Koyasan Mount Koya Japan

Finding Zen in Koyasan – Japan’s Sacred Mount Koya

In Koyasan, Mount Koya in Japan, you can walk on centuries-old cemetery, visit a monk in eternal meditation, and spend the night in a Buddhist monastery.

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The graveyard of Oku-no-in in Koyasan, Japan

Sight Of The Week: Oku-no-in, Koyasan, Japan

In Koyasan, Japan, lies centuries old, ghostly graveyard called Oku-no-in. This place amidst tall cedar trees holds also many sacred sights.

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In the onsens of Beppu in Japan

Beppu has the best natural onsens of Japan, a sex museum with a really vast collection, and a wild nightlife. Take a peek into this historical, little town.

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Exploring Around Okinawa

An old Ryukyuan Fortress, sake made of venomous snakes, awesome beaches and bizarre markets. This is Okinawa.

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Searching for the Alternative Tokyo

Venturing in Shibuya, Kabukicho, Shinjuku, and other parts of Tokyo with interesing subcultures is an adventure in itself.

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