Powdery paradise beach called Bwejuu, at the paradise island of Zanzibar

10 Romantic Destinations in East Africa

Arouse your wanderlust with our list of 10 romantic destinations in East Africa!

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Lion family in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Visit Serengeti in March for Baby Animals and Predators in Action

Serengeti is one of the best places on earth to witness the ancient drama of prey and predator. In March, the migrating wildebeests make the big cats reckless.

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Naabi Hill lookout upon the plains of Serengeti

Sight of the Week: Naabi Hill Lookout in Serengeti

Naabi Hill trek offers an incredible panorama to the endless plains of Serengeti. We had a lot of fun photobombing agama lizards and spotting shy rock hyraxes.

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Dominate male lion in Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia

How to Save the Declining Lion Population of East Africa

The lion population of Tanzania has dropped 60%. What in earth is happening, and how could we save the iconic lions of East Africa?

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Watching leopards from zero distance in Serengeti National Park

How to Find the Best Wildlife Sightings in Serengeti National Park

Serengeti encapsulates the African safari experience. More than a million wildebeest roam through the endless plains each year following the magical beat of nature while the whole Big Five runs close. Get the box seat from this ultimate wildlife theater instead of fighting for the best sightings with the masses!

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Enjoying a sunset dinner at the Emerson Spice Rooftop Teahouse in Stone Town, Zanzibar

Sunset Dinner Upon the Roofs of Stone Town, Zanzibar

Enjoy a dreamy sunset over the fabled Stone Town from the legendary rooftop teahouse of Emerson Spice. The beautifully ornated Swahili mansion has its roots deep in the history of Zanzibar.

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Sunset time at Emerson Spice in Stone Town, Zanzibar

Lose Yourself in the Narrow Alleys and Quirky Sights of Stone Town, Zanzibar

Get lost in the sensory overload and idle away hours navigating the crumbling alleyways of Stone Town. You either love it or hate it, but one thing is certain: Stone Town takes over you.

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Baby elephant with its mother in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania

Tarangire National Park – the Best Place to See the African Elephants?

Tarangire National Park in Tanzania is often said to be the best place to see the African elephants and it certainly lives up to its reputation.

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Elephants in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania

How to Plan the Best Safari in Tanzania

How to plan the best safari itinerary in Tanzania? What are the pros and cons of the high and low season? Check our safari planning tips before you go!

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Carved wooden door, Stone Town, Zanzibar

The Carved Zanzibar Doors in Stone Town, Tanzania

Elaborately carved wooden doors tell stories of the residents’ roots, religion, and profession.

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Wildebeests in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

How to Choose a Safari Company in Tanzania: A Comprehensive Checklist

Safari in Tanzania should be the trip of a lifetime. Choose your safari company wisely to get the best out of the gorgeous national parks!

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Mafia Island has the most perfect sunsets over the Indian Ocean

The Ultimate Guide to Mafia Island, Tanzania: What to See and Do, Where to Stay and Costs

The tiny island of Mafia has it all: unparalleled marine life, weird dwarf hippos and flying foxes, deserted beaches and intriguing history.

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The welcome dance of the Maasai in the Ngorongoro, Tanzania

What You Should Know Before a Visit to Masai Village

If you want to visit a Masai village in Tanzania or Kenya, choose wisely where you'll go. Some are authentic, while some are a rip-off. Read our experiences and tips and avoid the worst traps!

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Snorkeling by Kinasi Pass Islets in Chole Bay, Mafia Island Marine Park, Tanzania

Best Snorkeling in Tanzania: Chole Bay, Mafia Island Marine Park

Plunge into the azure waters of Mafia Island Marine Park to admire the healthiest reefs in the Indian Ocean.

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Looking For the Big 5 – It’s a Game

On a safari adventure looking for the famous Big 5 in the Northern Circuit of Tanzania. It’s an amazing and surprising Game.

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Powdery paradise beach called Bwejuu, at the paradise island of Zanzibar

Unwind Like a Sultan at the Best Beach of Zanzibar

Still isolated Bwejuu beach at the southeastern corner of Zanzibar offers just that elusive retreat you are probably looking for when hearing the word Zanzibar in all of its exotic connotations.

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Street Food Market of Forodhani Gardens, Stone Town, Zanzibar

Forodhani Gardens Street Food Market, Zanzibar

At the time of sunset, Forodhani Gardens transform into a lively street food market, where locals and tourists alike stroll between food stalls to pick Zanzibari and Swahili delicacies.

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