Rio Indio Indio Maiz, Nicaragua

How to Organize a Trip to Indio Maíz, Nicaragua

Venture deep into Indio Maíz jungle with Rama Indians, stay in the traditional Rama home, and hike to the sacred pyramids of Canta Gallo.

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Cigars in a cooling room in Esteli

How to Buy the Best Nicaraguan Cigars in Estelí, Nicaragua

Want to buy some of the world’s best Nicaraguan cigars from your travels? Here are some comprehensive tips on how to buy cigars in Estelí, Nicaragua.

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Caves in Somoto Canyon in Northern Nicaragua

Swimming Through Somoto Canyon, Nicaragua

In the magnificent Somoto Canyon in Northern Nicaragua, you can jump from the cliffs and swim in the Coco river amidst a natural wonder.

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Piritta and Niina riding in full speed at Rancho Chilamate, Nicaragua

10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Nicaragua – And to Travel to Nicaragua in 2019!

Nicaragua stole our heart with paradise beaches, wild jungle adventures, rustic colonial cities, and crazy adrenaline sports. Go before everyone else is there!

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Paradise beach in Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

Highlights Of Nicaragua In 4 weeks: The Ultimate Itinerary

Explore the smoky volcanoes, pristine beaches, and unexplored jungles of Nicaragua in just one month.

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A bigger Rama house along the river, deep in the jungle of Indio Maíz, Nicaragua

Meeting the Indigenous People of Nicaragua – the Rama

Meeting the indigenous people of Nicaragua, the "Guardians of the Forest" – the Rama.

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Piritta and Niina riding in full speed at Rancho Chilamate, Nicaragua

Good, Old Wild West Cowboy Riding in Nicaragua

Thrilling cowboy riding in lush sceneries with good horses, accompanied with home-made ranch food and chilling by the pool. Rancho Chilamate in Nicaragua is your place.

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Guest house at Boutique hotel Montebrisa with Art Deco windows in Matagalpa, Nicaragua

The Best Boutique Hotels in Nicaragua

A Boutique hotel is still quite a new concept in Nicaragua, so it’s worth the splurge whenever there are nice options available. Check out our top 4 picks!

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Panga from Big Corn Island to Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

Panga Ride To Little Corn Island In Nicaragua [video]

The panga ride from Big Corn Island to the Little Corn Island in Nicaragua is a bumpy ride on the Caribbean waves. Prepare to get soaking wet!

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workers in cigar factory esteli nicaragua

Visiting A Cigar Factory In Estelí, Nicaragua

Visiting a cigar factory in Nicaragua is an interesting experience. You'll see the cigar making process from start to finish in the cigar factory tour.

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Canta Gallo Rama Indian pyramids deep in the Indio Maiz jungle

Canta Gallo – Ancient Rama Indian Pyramids Deep in the Indio Maíz Jungle, Nicaragua

Some call it a lost city of ancient Indians, the others claim the pyramids are millions of years old. We traveled deep in the jungle with Rama Indians to hear some unbelievable stories and spot poisonous animals while exploring these stunning grounds.

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Cigar workers in Esteli Nicaragua

Rolling A Cigar In Estelí, Nicaragua [Video]

From Estelí on the Northern Highlands of Nicaragua comes some of the world's best cigars. We visited a small cigar factory called GGi. Here is how a cigar is rolled by a real pro.

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San Juan de Nicaragua, San Juan del Norte, Greytown Nicaragua, town of San Juan de NIcaragua

San Juan de Nicaragua a.k.a Greytown – A Gateway To Indio-Maíz

This remote town with concrete pathways, three different names and four old, little graveyards is a great gateway to Reserva Biológica Indio-Maíz, the best jungle of Central America.

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San Juan de Nicaragua, San Juan del Norte, Greytown Nicaragua, airport San Juan de Nicaragua

Landing to San Juan de Nicaragua [Video]

Landing to the jungle airport of San Juan de Nicaragua with a 12 seat Cessna.

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