Visit Elche Palm Grove in Spain, the biggest palm grove in Europe!

Sight of the Week: The Palm Grove of Elche

The historic palm grove in Elche rates as a Unesco World Heritage Site. Walking below hundreds of years old trees feels invigorating amidst all the traditional sightseeing.

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Both kids and adults love Feria de Sevillanas Carneval!

Celebrating Feria de Sevillanas Carneval in Torrevieja

The vibrant mix of Andalucian horses, flamenco dresses, and Sevillan dance called "sevillanas" dominates the cityscape of Torrevieja for several days in May.

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Masks of shame for the gossiping people in the torture equipment exhibition in Toledo, Spain

A Peek Into the Middle Ages – Medieval Torture Equipment Exhibition in Toledo, Spain

Medieval torture equipment exhibition in Toledo, Spain, peeks into the Middle Ages – a time of the Inquisition and a system of extreme cruelty.

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Monk's skull in a medieval funeral crypt in Cartagena, Spain

Best Things To Do in Cartagena, Spain: From Quirky Sights to Roman Ruins and the Best View

Dance with the dead in a medieval funeral crypt, feel the glory of the Roman Empire, and crown the day with a sweeping view from the castillo.

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Plaza de la Virgen in the middle of El Carmen neigborhood, Valencia

Valencia’s Old Town Merges Famous Sights With Street Art

Narrow alleys of El Carmen host a weird mix: subcultures and street art, orange gardens, old mansions, and the most iconic sights of the city.

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