I arrived Torrevieja just in time to indulge in the May Fair called Feria de Sevillanas. Andalucian horses dominate the cityscape: skilled riders are showing off, and colorful carriages are frolicking with each other.

The feast originates from Seville, the capital of Andalucia. However, also the other Spanish cities imitate its’ festive spirits. In Torrevieja, Feria de Sevillanas is celebrated in early May. I enjoy most watching the delicate Andalucian horses, but the locals seem to go crazy dancing ”sevillanas”, a specific genre from Seville. The dance mirrors flamenco, but it’s way easier to master since the choreography is pretty simple. Whole families are dancing the day away in unbelievably ornamental tents that look like old restaurants with massive chandeliers. Women and girls are clad in flamenco dresses which are also sold in the carnival area, along with sombreros and Spanish hand fans.

In Torrevieja, Feria de Sevillanas takes over the port facilities for several days. The main arena is located at the amusement park area, near the breakwater. There are dozens of tents, casetas,  selling refreshments and small bites, and almost all of them have a front area devoted to the ”sevillanas”. The horses are parading also in the streets, although the main cavalcades are held in the festival area. In the last evening, the music grows louder and so do the crowds: it’s a serious party before the feast ends!

Have you been in the original Seville Fair or any other ferias around Spain?

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Celebrate Feria de Sevillanas with beautiful Andalucian horses, flamenco dresses, and vibrant Sevillan dance!