The entrance of the Capuchin Crypt in Rome, Italy.

6 Highly Unusual Things to Discover in Rome and Florence

When visiting the iconic cities of Rome and Florence, don't settle for the obvious — go for the more hidden and lesser-known sites.

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Crypt of the Three Skeletons in the Capuchin Crypt, Rome, Italy.

In The Shadows of The Roman Catacombs and Crypts

Have a stroll in the Roman catacombs and crypts, while learning pieces of European history with enchanting stories.

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Elegantly decorated Hotel Lord Byron is one of the best boutique hotels in Rome.

Indulging in The Decadence of Lord Byron in Rome

Rome captured the imagination of Lord Byron, the most flamboyant and decadent poet of a Romantic era. Elegantly decorated, art-filled Hotel Lord Byron bursts tales of past time grandeur in the name of the man himself.

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