I can’t imagine the better way to enjoy a sunset over the fabled Stone Town than from the rooftop restaurant of Emerson Spice. The beautifully ornated Swahili mansion has its roots deep in the history of Zanzibar. After climbing hundreds of steep, wooden steps, you’ll be rewarded with one of the best sunset views in the city.

The Emerson Spice lies in the middle of Stone Town, the maze of crumbling alleyways. So as an added bonus you will be dining inside the Unesco World Heritage Site. The history lingers inside the house as well: the very same building has hosted for example Mwenyi Mkuu, the last Swahili ruler of Zanzibar and the richest man in East Africa called Tharia Topan. Excavations have also showcased some evidence of the first photographic studio of Zanzibar.

The view from Emerson Spice Teahouse Restaurant, Stone Town, Zanzibar
The view from Emerson Spice Teahouse Restaurant, Stone Town, Zanzibar

The 360 degrees’ panorama over the roofs of Stone Town, all the way to the enigmatic Indian Ocean, is what really screams for a romantic night out. From Emerson Spice’s rooftop restaurant you can admire the Stone Town’s blend of cultural heritage spotting a cathedral, mosque and Hindu temple at the same glance.

Special 5-course degustation menu uses traditional ingredients in creative combinations. Since space is limited, book your table well in advance. It pays to arrive early enough to get a cocktail in your hand before the yellow orb begins to turn red and starts its sink behind the chaotic skyline of Stone Town.

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Admire a dreamy sunset over the roofs of Stone Town while sampling a creative 5-course tasting menu. Prayer calls linger in just before the darkness falls.

Our sunset dinner and stay in Stone Town was hosted by Emerson Spice, but all the opinions remain our own.