Just before sunset, small carts gather around the old pier of Nathon in Koh Samui to form an epic food market. This is where we’ve eaten the best pad thai of our lives, and several others agree. One guy told that have had the same dish every day for several years.

Nathon is the capital of Koh Samui but at the same time only a small fishing town, and a refreshingly local spot on the otherwise extremely touristic island. At Nathon’s famous food market (Toe Roong) locals wander every single night to pick their favs and reserve the best plastic chairs to watch the life go by. There might roam a bunch of backpackers as well, but this is as local as you can get in Koh Samui.

You will be spoiled for choices, as almost every Thai street food delicacy is available. Tastes are authentic and prices cheap. We sampled chicken and pork satays along with vegetable skewers and almost everything you can imagine on a stick: char-grilled octopus, grilled corn, different kind of meatballs, and several unidentified items. Should you be into those famed insect snacks, you don’t have to disappoint, either. But if you are after the best pad thai ever, you have to find one particular cart, run by an old gentleman. One night we couldn’t find him and tried another stall instead. Once again the locals agreed: the others just don’t measure.

On Saturday evenings this gigantic street food buffet expands into a general market offering clothes, souvenirs, and other local products. Nathon is probably the best place in Koh Samui to do some souvenir shopping since prices are lower than elsewhere and vendors not too pushy. It pays to arrive early to watch a picture-perfect sunset and guarantee that your favorite street food stall doesn’t run out of goodies.

Have you visited Nathon’s night food market or sampled the street food delicacies somewhere else in Thailand?

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