We toured around Zambia in November and also visited Livingstone, which is said to be one of the adventure capitals of the world. So we couldn’t resist doing the best and most daring of the adventures available: white-water rafting and bungee jumping!

This is a video from our first ever bungee jumps; 111 meters down from the iconic Victoria Falls Bridge! First from a spectator’s view and then from the jumper’s point of view.

We actually did the “Big Air Experience”. It also included a zip line over the Zambezi river; where you start from Zambia’s side and end up on the Zimbabwean side of the bridge. And the last was the gorge swing, where you jump from the same platform as the bungee.

It was an adrenalin-junkie experience and highly recommendable when you visit Livingstone! We also have a blog post coming up soon about this experience, but for now, check out our video about the Victoria Falls bungee and enjoy the views!

Disclaimer: Shearwater Victoria Falls gave us a discount on the “Big Air Experience” including the zip line, bungee jump and gorge swing. Also, part of the video material is by the courtesy of Shearwater. But our opinions are entirely our own.