Would you like to experience a realistic thrill like in the live roleplaying games? Want to test your recreational and reasoning skills in problem-solving? Then this game is for you.

In the Adventure Room, you’re facing a labyrinth of puzzles to solve, and you’ll have 60 minutes to escape from the rooms you are locked in. You’ll have three different scenarios to choose from; the Bar Case, Black Queen, and the Original Game. Each features a different theme, but each game has the same basic principle.

We chose to try out the latter. In this story, you are kidnapped by a mad scientist and locked inside his laboratory. The mission is to find your way to freedom by solving different kinds of puzzles using your logic and recreational abilities. You are allowed to use some objects in the rooms as an aid, but not everything. There’s a digital clock on the wall, running backwards, like an hourglass showing how much time is left to get away.

An hour’s game time may seem like a lot, but especially if you’re playing the game only as a team of two, you’re going to have to hurry. The problems are very logical, practical and demand some swift applying of ordinary things into other, suitable purposes. For example, what would you do if you have to get a floating key out of a vase half filled with water, but it’s too far to reach by hand? What would you need to apply to get it? When you know, the ingredient needed, look around you and use it.

It’s not by far easy to win the game and succeed to escape in the 60 minutes provided. We started out way too slowly and by the time when we had our mindsets fully adapted to the game and were pretty smoothly solving the problems, we ran out of time. But don’t worry, only about 30% of players manage to get out. Though it will be irritating to lose, if you’re as competitive as we are. Next time, we will get out in time for sure! But above all, this was a fun experience! Super fun, to be frank. It’s also an entertaining and creative way to improve your team works as well as your logical skills.

There are Adventure Rooms or similar kind of live escape games in many countries. So if you want to take fun, but creative and intelligently challenging game – go try this out! Challenge yourself, your co-workers, spouse or your best friends and have an excellent time. Are you able to escape?

Have you tried out a live room escape game like this? How was it and how did you manage?

*Disclaimer: We were hosted for a game by the Adventure Rooms Greece
but all our opinions and views are entirely our own.

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