Smelling out an affordable luxury hotel in the big cities of Colombia proved out to be as hard as finding a boutique hotel from the remote locations, such as the Amazon. Check out our top picks, from affordable luxury and boutique hotels to the beach villas and classy B&B’s! 

This article has been thoroughly updated in June 2019 with a renewed list of the best hotels in Colombia. We decided to include only small-scale boutique hotels and luxury hotels, which reflect the Colombian heritage and offer a unique setting for your stay. The best news: all these hotels are affordable, as well!

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The Best Beach Villa in Colombia:

La Mar de Bien Illustrious Guest House, Palomino (near Tayrona National Park)

Things get complicated when you’d like to stay in a gorgeous boutique hotel at a secluded beach in Colombia – and at an affordable price. We searched long and hard the best beach villa or the best beachside boutique hotel in Colombia. Finally, La Mar de Bien near Tayrona National Park, at a perfect paradise beach, ticked all the boxes.

A retired architect has created his dream beachside villa and turned it into a six-room boutique hotel. There’s even one cabaña (cottage) if you yearn for complete solitude, but all the rooms have well-needed privacy and most come with own porch. We fell in love with the penthouse room, where we could admire the crown of coconut palms and blue sky (or stars!) straight from our bed and hammock.

Sustainable and Secluded Beach Hotel

The mansion has been built using recycled materials from the owners’ previous house and nearby resources, like oaks from Magdalena region and stones thrown by the sea. Delicious Caribbean fusion meals are served in a lovely outdoor restaurant that is atmospherically lit during evenings. There’s also a new swimming pool, the only one in the area, equipped with massaging hydrothermals and hydrojets.

The beach is pleasantly untamed and feels deserted. During our stay, we encountered only one couple at the sand. The captivating Caribbean sunsets sprinkle magic into mellow evenings, while days spend inside the green oasis of coconut palms and fruit trees soothe your every cell. The magical Tayrona National Park is a just short drive (or taxi trip) away.

La Mar de Bien combines jungle and exclusion with all the modern comforts you could wish. The sounds of nature surround you; waves crashing on the shore, palms dancing in the breeze; a plethora of exotic birds, crickets, and frogs waking you up and lulling you to sleep. If you are planning to stay in only one beach hotel in Colombia, let it be La Mar de Bien! The name implies the vibe in old Spanish: heaps of goodness.

Check here the best rates for La Mar de Bien

Best Affordable Boutique Hotel in Cartagena:

Allure Chocolat Hotel By Karisma, Getsemani

We recommend staying in the Getsemani area in Cartagena. Getsemani has the best restaurants and the best price-quality ratio for luxury hotels. It’s much calmer than the Old City and less touristy. Still, the walled old town of Cartagena is just a couple of minutes away by foot.

We loved our stay in Allure Chocolat Boutique Hotel in the heart of Getsemani. Allure Chocolat also had the best prices for a short 4-star boutique hotel stay in Cartagena at the time of our research.

Check here the best rates for Allure Chocolat Hotel By Karisma

Best Affordable Luxury Hotel in Cartagena:

Tcherassi Hotel + Spa

Tcherassi Hotel + Spa is a legend in Cartagena. If you’re looking for a romantic setting and won’t mind investing a bit more than for Allure Chocolat, Tcherassi is your best bet for a luxurious stay in Cartagena.

Tcherassi Hotel + Spa has just around 40 rooms in a stunning 250-year-old colonial mansion. It’s the first hotel by Silvia Tcherassi, the famous Colombian fashion designer. Every detail screams elegance and heritage, yet their pricing is amazingly affordable. Check the best deals from here!

The yellow tower and terracotta dome of Cartagena's cathedral illustrate the most famous street views of Old Cartagena, Colombia
Cartagena's cathedral illustrate the most famous street views of Old Cartagena, Colombia

Best Beach Hotel in Cartagena:

Blue Apple Beach House

If you’d like to escape the bustle of Cartagena, take a boat to the nearby Tierrabomba Island and stay a couple of nights chilling by the beach at Blue Apple Beach House. It’s the best beach hotel in Tierrabomba and pleasantly luxurious for the price tag (please note that the hotels in Cartagena tend to be much more expensive than in the rest of Colombia).

Check the availability and best rates for Blue Apple Beach House

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Best coffee shops & cafes in Cartagena
Dreamy sunsets at the beach of La Mar de Bien, near Palomino
Dreamy sunsets at the beach of La Mar de Bien, near Palomino

Best Affordable Luxury Hotel in Medellin:

Hotel Sites 45, Poblado

Live like a local in the hip Poblado neighborhood with the easiness of a hotel stay. Rooms in Hotel Sites 45 are more like luxurious apartments: even standard rooms have perks like small kitchenettes and private balconies with views over the red-bricked roofs of Medellín.

The best panorama opens from the rooftop terrace, which has a thermal pool, Turkish steam bath, and gym – all at your free disposal. There are even BBQ and self-service laundry facilities!

Personnel were so welcoming and engaging that we used to get stuck to the reception for half an hour to chitchat and change restaurant tips. We preferred Hotel Sites 45 over a more hyped, pricier and bigger luxury hotel, where we spent one night. The huge, spotless and contemporarily designed rooms, varied breakfast buffet, the level of service, and roof terrace facilities created a perfect boutique hotel feel at a bargain price.

Check out the best deals for Hotel Sites 45 here

Night view from the roof terrace of Sites 45, Medellín
Night view from the roof terrace of Sites 45, Medellín

Best Affordable Luxury Hotel in San Agustin, Colombia:

Terrazas de San Agustin

Arriving at the modest town of San Agustín, it’s hard to believe there’s a classy boutique hotel, or affordable luxury hotel if you will, hiding at the hilly side street, just a couple of hundred meters from the center.

From the outside, Terrazas de San Agustin looks like it’s straight from the architecture catalog. Rooms are clean, sheets crisp, service top-notch (though mainly in Spanish). Some of the rooms have private balconies, but the shared balconies at the top boast the best view of the town.

As the night crawls in, you might be tempted to skip all outing plans. Even we Finns approved the herbal sauna (free of charge), which soothed our sore muscles after hiking and riding in San Agustín National Park. Cool down in a jacuzzi at the terraced bar area or in the solitude of the upper balcony, watching the night sky and the lights of San Agustin.

Regardless of its off-the-beaten-path location and small size, Terrazas de San Agustin is constantly ranked among the best hotels of Colombia in travel publications. As it’s both affordable and luxurious (and clearly the best choice in San Agustin), book your room early.

Check the best deals for Terrazas de San Agustin here.

Best Affordable Luxury Hotel in the Coffee Region of Colombia:

Hotel Boutique Sazagua

If you’re looking for the best places to stay in Colombia’s coffee region, start from the charming hacienda-style luxury hotel called Hotel Boutique Sazagua. Conveniently located between the city of Pereira and its airport, Sazagua is a perfect first night spot for adventures around Colombia’s coffee triangle.

Hotel Boutique Sazagua has only ten rooms and five villas scattered around the lush garden, creating an intimate and upscale coffee ranch feel. You can book coffee tasting session, gastronomy tours, or horseback riding through the rolling hills at the spot.

Check the best rates of Hotel Boutique Sazagua here 

Best Affordable Boutique Hotel in the Colombian Amazon:

Hotel Amazon B&B, Leticia

Everyone visiting Amazon from the Colombian side must fly in the chaotic town of Leticia. Most accommodation options are just decent, but lovely Amazon B&B lures you almost to love your visit in Leticia. The cordial service takes you by surprise already at the airport, where they’ll wait to pick you up (without advertising it in advance, a gentle tip for every boutique hotel).

As ugly and gray as Leticia might be, Amazon B&B is the total opposite. Listening to the chirping inside the lush garden makes you forget that you’re still in town. Beautiful rooms are equipped with hot water, fridges, and enough fans (no need for air-con). Bungalows offer more privacy than the rooms and have own porches with hammocks.

Amazon B&B can arrange a variety of jungle trips, from night safaris to short and long day tours into the nearby Natural Reserves. Many visitors fall in love with the genuine boutique hotel charm of Amazon B&B and opt to stay there making just day excursions into the Amazon. We loved the tranquil atmosphere, ecological attitude, and the relaxed bar area in the middle of the lush garden.

Check the best deals for Amazon B&B here

Best Boutique Hotel & Beach Hotel in the Caribbean Islands of Colombia:

Deep Blue Hotel, Providencia

If you’re heading the Caribbean islands of Colombia, be an early bird and book your room at the award-winning Deep Blue in Providencia. Deep Blue fulfills your tropical daydreams with panoramic ocean views and tranquil days by the infinity pool or relaxed kayak trips to the nearby lagoon. Providencia’s barrier reef is the third longest in the world, making it a prime destination for divers and snorkelers.

Deep Blue is a small-scale boutique hotel on a small island; it has just 12 rooms by the ocean. Recent mentions in Conde Nast, Travel + Leisure, and other renown publications have made it popular: book your stay early to avoid disappointment. Check the best deals from here!

Amazonas B&B offers a tranquil retreat from the chaotic Leticia
Amazonas B&B offers a tranquil retreat from the chaotic Leticia

Best Affordable Luxury Hotel in Bogota, Colombia:

Hotel GHL Style Mika Suites, Chapinero

GHL Mika Suites is a very practical boutique hotel in Bogotá. It’s just a couple of hundred meters from Bogota’s best cafes, which was the main reason for our stay. The easy-going and leafy neighborhood is considered as the gastronomic zone of Bogota. As it’s a taxi-drive from the main tourist draws, room prices are extremely affordable. But you can walk safely (rare in Bogota) to several praised restaurants!

Rooms are trendy, beds are great (that’s a huge compliment from us, as we both have back problems), and showers the best we had in Colombia. Proximity to the bohemian Chapinero neighborhood and the entertainment district Zona G make GHL Style Mika Suites a perfect location for all hedonists. We just love this kind of small and affordable boutique hotels that are popping up in all big cities!

Check out the best deals for GHL Mika Suites here

Have you been to Colombia? Please share in the comments your favorite luxury hotels and boutique hotels around Colombia!

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