There’s something exciting brewing in Bogotá’s cafe scene. Tens of hip specialty coffee houses have been popping up during the last couple of years – and they serve some of the best coffee in the world. Even if you’re not in Colombia in the hunt of coffee, stop by at one of the cafe gems listed below to sniff out the cool hipster vibes of Bogotá.

Just a couple of years back, it was still hard to find a solid cup of specialty coffee in Bogotá, or anywhere in Colombia. Though Colombia has ranked among three biggest coffee producing countries in the world for decades, the best coffee beans used to be imported to roasteries around the world. The same story has become a little too familiar to us after touring several coffee nations in the hunt of the best beans, like Nicaragua, Kenya, Tanzania, and some of the upcoming stars such as Uganda and Rwanda. But let’s go back to the bustling streets of Bogotá for some serious coffee tasting!

First, work your way into trendy Chapinero neighborhood (we preferred taxis in Bogotá), which is the unofficial hipster coffee house mecca of Bogotá. We even chose Chapinero as our home base in Bogotá and picked our hotel in the middle of the coffee house triangle, which I drafted on Google Maps (I know, my caffeine addiction sounds bad)! All the first four coffee houses were less than a 10-minute walk from our hotel (and from each other), meaning that you can visit all of them conveniently during one morning or afternoon. Just watch out for that caffeine high!

Libertario Coffee

Calle 71 #534, Chapinero

Libertario Coffee won our hearts even before we landed at Bogota. They have their own, ultramodern and experimental coffee farm called La Palma y El Tucan in Cundinamarca area, 1,5 hours by car from Bogotá. The passion for specialty coffee vibrates in the air: they call their extremely knowledgeable baristas barirockstars and host visiting (famed) baristas from all over the globe.

Sampling their rarities (Geisha and SL28) in a small, fancy yet relaxed café was one of the highlights of our trip. We left with broad smiles on our faces and boxes of praised Geisha beans in our bags. In future, their coffee farm also welcomes non-trade coffee pilgrims!

Café Cultor

Calle 69 #6-20, Chapinero

Hipstery container café with a sunny rooftop terrace and unbeatable beans – what else you could wish! Located next to Impact Hub, in the very heart of the entertaining district called Zona G, Café Cultor is just a 5-minute walk from both Amor Perfecto and Libertario Coffee.

The roots of Café Cultor reflect the past coffee scene of Colombia: they started as an export company but decided to open a local café after realizing that majority of their beans were flowing out of the country. Thus, they aim to educate on Colombian coffee with infographics and workshops, and (free!) tastings. Coffee is roasted in their own lab.

Café Devoción

Carrera 7 #72-41, Chapinero (inside Hilton Hotel)

Don’t let the location or late 1800’s pharmacy look fool you, inside Hilton lurks a true gem of Colombian boutique coffee roaster. Actually, they are more than boutique, also serving ”exotic” and ”grand cru” scale coffee (rated by Specialty Coffee Association of America).

Bizarre fact of the day: 90% of their coffee beans comes from ”the red zones” of Colombia a.k.a guerrilla-infested areas. By supporting Café Devoción, you’ll support farmers on those troubled, hard-to-reach corners of the country. Go there especially for exotic coffee bean souvenirs and cold slow brewed coffee. Café Devoción has a separate roastery in Bogotá.

And that’s not all! Café Devoción has a high-end sister café in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg. Prime Colombian coffee beans are shipped to New York within 10 days of harvesting. I’d call that true devotion (devoción)!

Ps. Café Devoción has a webshop shipping the freshest possible Colombian coffee within the US.

Amor Perfecto

Carrera. 4 #66-46, Chapinero

Amor Perfecto is the first specialty coffee roaster in Colombia, established already in 1997. Their single-origin coffee is available in 600 locations around the country, from supermarkets to other cafés. While we didn’t have time to visit their café, we had the chance to taste their beans.

Bourbon Coffee Roasters

Calle 70A #13-83, Chapinero
A 15-minute hike from cafés listed above, Bourbon Coffee Roasters hides near the TransMilenio station of Chapinero. So if you use buses, it’s probably on your way. Coffee is roasted on the spot.

Bubbling under:

Juan Valdez Café, El Dorado International Airport

Arrive at Colombia in style: pop in Juan Valdéz Café right at the airport! It will be the best cup you can find at the El Dorado International Airport for sure. Geek it up and order chocolate-flavored beans from Sierra Nevada mountains, brewed imposingly at your table with Siphon. In my opinion, that’s the best cup you can get from Juan Valdez, assuming that the barista is skilled.

While not our favorite, Juan Valdez Café is a Colombian coffee icon. The multinational coffee chain has cafés all around the country, quenching your thirst of coffee conveniently almost anywhere you roam. You might have heard of the brand, as they even have own café shops for example in the US, Spain, Mexico, and several other countries, mainly in South and Central America.

One word of warning, though. I’d call Juan Valdez a mainstream version of specialty coffee shop, with chain-like atmosphere and average coffee beans but a variety of brewing methods (though the selection of both beans and brewing methods varies between the branches). The quality between baristas and thus our cups varied tremendously during our one-month tour in Colombia (both within one cafe and between branches). Still, Juan Valdez is always a decent choice for a quick espresso fix, if there aren’t independent specialty coffee shops around.

Juan Valdez claims to be the only internationally recognized coffee brand that belongs to coffee growers. It was established in 2002 by a non-profit, National Federation of Coffee Growers. A fictional character named Juan Valdez illustrates their cups and merchandises with his mule – fun souvenir options for coffee geeks among your friends or family.

Join the discussion! We had a limited time to roam the specialty coffee scene in Bogotá, so what are your favorite cafes and why?

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The hipster cafes of Bogotá serve some of the best coffee in the world. Stop by at one of the cafe gems to sniff out the cool vibes of Bogotá!

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