Find the best coffee shops in Riga, sample locally roasted specialty coffee beans in public cuppings, and hunt down the most atmospheric cafes inside the old town of Riga. Further tips for the best cakes, strong wifi, and craft beer detours – read on!

Riga’s specialty coffee scene took off as late as 2015, but new third-wave coffee shops have been popping up ever since. Nowadays there are several lovely cafes to choose from in the center (Centrs) – and it’s possible (though harder) to find some prime beans also in the old town. Our specialty coffee guide brings you the best brews in Riga!


Rocket Bean Roastery: Roastery & Coffee House

29/31 Miera iela & Dzirnavu iela 39 (Centrs) 

Rocket Bean Roastery deserves to come first, as it’s the trailblazer of Riga’s specialty coffee. Their atmospheric roastery cafe lies in the old sock factory, slightly of the center and the old town. The same street, called Miera, also hosts lovely spots for craft beer, snacks (also vegan!), and tea, together with Laima Chocolate factory. So it’s well worth the hike (or a short tram trip): spend a coffee-infused, craft beer crowned afternoon in Miera neighborhood!

This first real specialty coffee house in Riga was opened in 2015. If you visit only one specialty coffee shop in Riga, let it be Rocket Bean Roastery for the history, worldly roastery atmosphere, and of course the coffee itself!

Rocket Bean Coffee House is a roastery side-kick in the center, a perfect spot for a slow lunch or long break from a hectic day.

The food, including cakes, is really delicious in both branches; the chef Artūrs Taškāns has Michelin experience. Rocket Bean Roastery hosts weekly public cupping sessions.

Side notes to Specialty Coffee Geeks

Rocket Bean Roastery has the epic machinery: Loring Smart Roast Kestrel35 and LaMarzocco Strada, the only one in Latvia.

Don’t forget to stock on the beans! I fell in love with them online: you can spot Rocket Bean Roastery occasionally on specialty coffee delivery services. At the time of our visit, they had some prime beans from Ethiopia, Kenya, Honduras, and El Salvador.

Magic Pussy is their seasonal flagship espresso from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. We bought Burtukaana Lot 11. It’s full of sweet tones of chocolate and apricots, with notes of bergamot and grapefruit. As you can see from the pics, the baristas wear Magic Pussy shirts!

Check out Rocket Bean Roastery’s website and Facebook page for upcoming cupping sessions, opening hours, and further information.

Rocket Bean Roastery is the the first specialty coffee shop in Riga
Rocket Bean Roastery is the the first specialty coffee shop in Riga

Zvaigzne Café: Specialty Coffee & Books

Krišjāņa Valdemāra iela 6, 1010 Riga (Centrs)

Zvaigzne Café is my other favorite in Riga. This bookshop cafe is located near the old town, making it the best option for specialty coffee thirsty tourists. Just cross the northern bridge over the city canal (Krišjāņa Barona Street) and walk straight for a couple of hundred meters to reach Zvaigzne Café on your right.

Zvaigzne spoils you with high-quality beans from Atkinsons Coffee Roasters (also retail packs available). The son of famous Zvaigzne ABC book publisher, Kristaps, lived nearby Atkinson’s roastery café while he was studying in Lancaster University (UK), and decided to open his own cafe in Riga serving his favorite coffee.

Check out Zvaigzne Café’s Facebook Page for their opening hours and further information.

Zvaigzne brings cool bookshop café concept to Riga
Riga's Zvaigzne Cafe serves specialty coffee from Atkinsons roastery

MiiT Coffee: Specialty Coffee & Vegetarian Treats

Lacplesa iela 10, 1010 Riga (Centrs)

MiiT Coffee blends our love for the small roasteries and vegetarian food. Third-wave coffee beans are available both from locals and my European favorites: Five Elephants (Berlin) and DaMatteo (Gothenburg). MiiT likes their coffee poured and hand-pressed: your brewing preferences for AeroPress, V60, Chemex and French Press are skillfully catered.

Vegetarians and vegans are spoiled here with cakes, together with healthy choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They even have homemade almond milk to go with your coffee. Try the popular pancake brunch on Saturdays and Sundays!

MiiT Coffee arranges regular public cuppings, so check their website and Facebook page for further details.



Miera Iela 9 & Meza iela 4a, 1001 Riga (Miera/Centrs) 

The name tells it all: this small cafe is located on Miera street. The word miera means peace, and the atmosphere lives up to it. Coffee beans come from the nearby Rocket Bean Roastery, and brewing options include La Marzocco GB5, V60, and Chemex.


Tērbatas iela 63, 1001 Riga (Centrs)

Yet another peaceful cafe in the center, Mute offers beans from both Rocket Bean and international roasteries. Mute means mouth in Latvia: together with the adjacent restaurant and cocktail bar Mute offers a mouthful of flavors. Brewing methods include La Marzocco GB5, V60, French Press, and Chemex.

Kuuka Café

Grēcinieku iela 5, 0150 Riga (Old Town)

Whereas all specialty coffee shops listed above are located in “the new city”, Kuuka Café is your best bet inside the old town. This tiny spot is perfect for an afternoon cake, which comes with strong wifi. The best news: Kuuka serves its own special blend from Rocket Bean Roastery!

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Other Cafés in Riga for Atmospheric Coffee & Cake Breaks 


Mazā Pils iela 4, 0150 Riga (Old town) 

Self-claimed as the most romantic café in Riga, Parunasim feels like a hidden gem in the midst of old town. Signs on the street ask if you can find it: venture in the quiet inner yard and look for the bicycle on the wall.

Fat Cat

Jauniela iela, 0150 Riga (Old town) 

Fat Cat has a perfect name and location just off the House of the Blackheads, at the beginning Jauniela, one of the old town’s prettiest streets. Relax awhile munching their famous eclairs and cupcakes before returning to the picture-perfect cobblestoned streets Riga’s Old Town.


Stabu Iela 10, 1010 Riga (Centrs)

Pasedet is yet another cozy coffee house in the center to idle for hours. The name means ”to sit down” and implies for hanging out with friends. Food is especially deliciously plated here for a cafe. Try their famous Napoleon cake!

Apsara Teahouse surprises even the coffee aficionados with its tea selections and casual feel

Bubbling Under: Apsara Tea House, Just off Riga Old Town

Tired of all that mocha? Riga also has a couple of lovely teahouses. Apsara Teahouse charms with its unique tea house atmosphere and canal views. A perfect location just off the old town (Krišjāņa Barona iela 2A), inside the park surrounding the city canal (Pilsetas Kanals). Look for a charming Chinese style pagoda hut just off the bridge crossing the canal (in Krišjāņa Barona Street). Check out Apsara’s website for more inspiration and information.

Now it’s your turn! Are you planning to do an independent coffee shop tour in Riga? Go for it – I’d say “the coffee walk” is among the best things to do in Riga, at least when you combine it to other sights. If you have you already hunted down the best coffee in Riga, please share your thoughts in the comments below – and don’t forget to tell us your favorite coffee shop in Riga!

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Riga’s specialty coffee scene charms coffee lovers with local roastery cafés, bookshop cafés, prime beans, and special treats. Check out our guide to the third wave coffee shops of Riga!